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Are you going through this life struggling with relationship problems, struggling with health problems, financial problems, addictions, or other difficulties?  Who truly cares?  We may have a family that does care about us, or maybe not. Can we receive real help, lasting help, from anyone, anywhere? Or is it just a patch, a respite from the problem that never really goes away?  

Maybe the opposite is true.  Things seem to be going quite well, you may not have many worries, but what worries you do have are pretty easy to live with.  But there may be fears that problems are just around the corner. What will I face with my family, my spouse, my parents, my kids?  

Do you wonder…

"What am I really doing in my life?"  Does it matter what I have accomplished? What will happen to me when I leave this world?  Where am I going, or am I going anywhere?  Throughout history, these kinds of questions and others have been on the minds of many people.

Who really cares?  

The greatest caregiver is God alone. He is the single most powerful being in the universe, obviously so, because He created the entire natural world- all that we see, and even what we can't see.  Yet, He loves you and me individually. He cares about everything going on in your life.

God is not distant

He did not just make His creation and sit back and let it run wherever it might go.  Instead, He watches over His creation and especially mankind, who is made like Him.  Man is unique above any other creature on earth- made with a body, a soul and a spirit- no other being is made in this manner. This makes us special before Him.  Man was His crowning achievement in His creation.  

He has not left us, but we have left Him and drifted far away.  In spite of our separation, He is vitally concerned about our well-being, both in this life and in the one to come.  He is available to anyone who searches Him out in complete sincerity. He will show Himself to you.  He can be found in the person of Jesus Christ- when we discover Jesus, we will know God.

Sunday Service - 10AM



Give all your worries and cares    

        to God, for He cares about you”

Who Truly Cares?

God’s help in difficult times…

Are you looking for God?

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